Our Story

When the world makes demands, we make it a priority to listen. But, what happens when we decide to step back and take a little time for ourselves? At Macklin Bath and Home, we decided to revisit the beautiful escape of bath time to help build a more luxurious experience. And as a growing provider of premium bath accessories, we wanted to do more to help make your well-deserved moments of relaxation all the more comfortable, enjoyable, and that much more gratifying.

Macklin Bath and Home

Self-Care Should Be an Experience

From the time you awaken and slip into a lush, warm robe to the peaceful moments spent in your tub before bed, your special little windows of alone time should be spent doing the things you love. Whether that means reconnecting with your inner reader, enjoying a glass of new fragrant wine, or simply listening to the soothing sounds of your favorite music, Macklin Bath and Home has the perfect accessory for you.

Bath Time Made Beautiful
At Macklin Bath and Home, we believe that personal care is about relaxation and renewal. It’s about enjoying the ambiance, intimacy, and of course, the privacy of your favorite place on earth. Each of our products is designed to add to that experience with a wide selection of comfort-focused bath accessories, made exclusively for you and your self-care.
Stylish Modern Décor
Luxurious comfort shouldn’t have to come at the expense of great style. That’s why at Macklin Bath and Home, all of our products are crafted for upscale design and modern application.
Part of our story begins with a former feeling of frustration at the limited options of quality bath décor. And now, through artistic design and creative innovation, you can enjoy tasteful and elegant styles with a real purpose for doing good.
Macklin Bath and Home Gives
At Macklin Bath and Home, we take our belief in self-care, security, and safety seriously. And unfortunately for us all, millions of domestic violence victims are denied those same basic human rights. We’re partnering with domestic violence victims and the organizations that help protect them to find solutions for the shared well-being of men and women everywhere.
When you shop with Macklin Bath and Home, you’re helping to secure the safety of someone in need. To learn more about our efforts to fight back against domestic violence, <click here>.
Shop well. Live well. And care for yourself & others.
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